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Dr. Christy Montgerard

Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Montgerard didn’t always know she wanted to be a veterinarian—she had graduated college with a psychology degree before someone sat her down and asked why she hadn’t pursued a career in animal care. Already unsatisfied with the job market, Christy decided to take a leap of faith. She worked as veterinary assistant, took the necessary science courses, and applied to veterinary school. As soon as she got in, she knew she’d made the right choice. Dr. Montgerard had found her calling!

Christy was born and raised in rural North and South Carolina, then moved to Charlotte when she was 16 years old. After graduating from Appalachian State University with her Psychology degree in 1998, she began working at a vet’s office that same year. In 1999, she returned to school at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to begin her veterinary education. By 2006, she’d graduated from North Carolina State University with her veterinary degree.

After completing small-animal and zoo internships, Dr. Montgerard returned to the Charlotte area in 2007 to marry her high-school sweetheart, Hank. She settled in at Fullwood Animal Hospital in 2012, when the previous owner was looking for someone to purchase the clinic. After working here for nine months, Christy purchased the hospital in December of 2012.

At the clinic, Dr. Montgerard especially likes connecting with clients and establishing lasting relationships. She never takes for granted the trust that pet parents place in her! Medically, Christy enjoys surgery, dermatology, and internal medicine.

Dr. Montgerard and her husband have four children: 14-year-old Ariel, 13-year-old Spencer, four-year-old Nate, and one-year-old Naomi. A number of pets round out the family. There are four cats: Cho Cho, Oliver, Jack, and Rose, two dogs named Hank and Dolly, and Willie the corn snake.

Although Christy doesn’t have much time for hobbies, she tries to be active in the church and spend time with friends whenever she can. Her family also enjoys hiking, and spend most weekends in the mountains searching for promising new hiking areas.

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Photo of Dr. Christy  Montgerard

Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne


Dr. Jennifer Hawthorne grew up in a small North Carolina town, where she was surrounded by animals on her family’s beef farm. She had always loved pets, but didn’t seriously consider a career in veterinary medicine until she found out about the pre-veterinary program offered at North Carolina State University. On the spot, Dr. Hawthorne decided to become a veterinarian!

Dr. Hawthorne earned her undergraduate and veterinary degrees at North Carolina State University, and even worked for a year as a radiology technician at the school. After marrying and moving to Georgia, she completed a small animal internship before moving to the Charlotte area and signing on at a local animal hospital.

In March of 2013, Dr. Hawthorne helped to fill in at Fullwood Animal Hospital when Dr. Montgerard was on maternity leave. The two have known each other since their veterinary school days at North Carolina State! Dr. Hawthorne is particularly fond of the close-knit camaraderie around the clinic, and her primary medical interest is radiology.

Dr. Hawthorne and her husband Shawn have two young children, Hayden and Emma. The family lives with Lacy, an elderly mutt, as well as two cats named Isabelle and Marty. As a family, they enjoy visiting local parks, eating together, and watching movies from their impressive film collection.

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Photo of Dr. Jennifer  Hawthorne

Dr. Stephanie Everidge


Dr. Stephanie Everidge’s childhood collie, Laddie, was the first to set her on the path to one day becoming a licensed veterinarian. When Laddie fell ill during old age, Dr. Everidge’s family veterinarian took time to explain all care options in order to keep the dog comfortable for the rest of his life. Dr. Everidge never forget this display of grace and compassion—she knew that she wanted to do the exact same thing!

Dr. Everidge grew up in Winston-Salem and attended North Carolina State University to earn her undergraduate degree in biological life sciences. She remained at the university to attend veterinary school, then relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina and took on a small-animal internship in the city before launching her career in private practice.

Dr. Everidge joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in the fall of 2017 and is thrilled to care for the pets of the area as an Associate Veterinarian. She has a special interest in ophthalmology and particularly likes diagnosing internal issues via the eyes, and she also likes counseling pet owners on proper nutrition for their four-legged friends.

When she’s not tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital, Dr. Everidge can be found spending time with her husband, John, and their loveable cat, Abby; cheering on her alma mater’s football squad every season; and trying her hand at knitting.

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Photo of Dr. Stephanie  Everidge

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