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Top-Notch Veterinary Care in Matthews, Mint Hill, NC and Beyond

When is the last time you felt appreciated by your family vet? We mean truly, honestly and genuinely cared for. Sadly, for many animal health care providers, it’s more about business than relationships. At Fullwood Animal Hospital, we’re trying to change this, one visit at a time. Our focus is on delivering exceptional veterinary care in a way that addresses the individual needs of each patient. Connecting on a personal level and making you and your pet feel welcome and loved are our ultimate goals. Does your Matthews or Mint Hill vet provide this level of care and attention? If not, perhaps it’s time for a change. Call or stop in today!


Grooming a Senior Cat

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Siamese Cat Day

April 6th is Siamese Cat Day! While all of our feline friends are very charismatic and sociable, the Siamese is definitely extra sociable … not to mention super cute. A … Read More »


Dental Chews for Dogs

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