Fear Free Care

What is Fear Free?

Founded in 2016, the Fear Free method provides education to veterinary professionals and pet owners to help make vet visits better for pets by working to alleviate the fear, anxiety, and stress associated with the visit. It focuses on not only the physical well-being but also the emotional well-being of your pets. Our goal is to help your pets by making their experience at the vet positive so that they will be happy to come back and see us. We use calming music, calming pheromones, lots of treats and take the time to gain the trust of our patients.

Fullwood Animal Hospital currently has 13 Fear Free Certified Professionals on staff and we are so proud to help bring this new standard into our patient’s lives. To become Fear Free Certified, each staff member undergoes 9 hours of training. To learn more about Fear Free, please visit www.fearfreepets.com.

Preparing for the Visit

How to Manage a Fear Free Return Home

How to pill your pet with kindness

A Fear Free trip to the veterinary hospital

Giving medications to your pet

10 things your vet should know

10 things that make Fear Free

Dangers of Training Collars

Training Session Length

Fulfilled Dog is a Happy Dog

Keep Calm and Muzzle On

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