Our Careteam


Practice Manager, Registered Veterinary Technician

Jamie has been fascinated by the world of medicine ever since she was a little girl, and always knew that she would grow up to work in the medical field one day. When she realized that she could combine her scientific and medical passions with her lifelong love for animals, the choice was obvious! Jamie decided to dive headfirst into veterinary medicine, and she hasn’t regretted a single moment since.

Jamie is from Buffalo, New York and graduated from Medaille College in 1998 with her Associate’s degree in veterinary technology. Next, she relocated to North Carolina, and it wasn’t long before Jamie started her first job as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Six months later, she passed the North Carolina state board exams to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.

After working her way up the ranks to serve in a number of management positions—including stints as an Office Manager, Technician Supervisor, and Hospital Manager—Jamie was thrilled to join the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in May of 2018. She particularly likes working with numbers and spreadsheets, and she’s also fond of problem-solving and implementing various techniques to help the clinic run as smoothly as possible. Jamie is also passionate about working with a variety of personalities and helping others to grow in their careers; she believes wholeheartedly that a great team learns from one another, helps one another, and succeeds together!

In her time away from the office, Jamie likes completing DIY projects at home, working on her saltwater fish tank, and spending quality time with her family and pets. She has two wonderful daughters, Briana and Brooklyn, and shares her life with a pair of canine companions: Asia, a sweet and loyal one-eyed Pit Bull, as well as an adorable Chihuahua mix named Bungee.


Client Care Coordinator Supervisor

Although Mary never dreamed she would work at an animal hospital, she took a chance one day and applied. After taking some time off to spend with her first child, Mary decided to get back into the field and started at Fullwood Animal Hospital in 1997. She’s now spent over 25 years total working in the veterinary industry!

Mary is from Union County, North Carolina and currently lives in Unionville with her husband of 25 years, Chuck. They have four children: Brooke, Dylan, Kyle and Kayla. She also has a new grand- daughter that she loves so much! The family has a Rat Terrier named Apple and a Toy Fox Terrier named

Outside of work, Mary likes to go to the beach and on camping trips with her family and dogs. She also loves to check out yard sales with her husband, make crafts, and volunteer at special functions for their church. One day, she hopes to go on a Missions trip to help those less fortunate than her.


Technician Supervisor, Kennel Supervisor and Chief Happiness Officer

Sarah has always had a certain way with animals, and feels a sense of duty to give them the best lives that she possibly can. For her, a career spent helping pets simply makes sense! Sarah is a Technician Supervisor and Kennel Supervisor with the Fullwood Animal Hospital family.

Sarah is originally from Poughkeepsie, New York, but began her veterinary care journey at a clinic in Florida in 2009. (Her mother even operates her own dog boarding business in the state!) After a few years, she became the Practice Manager at another animal hospital before moving to North Carolina in early 2018 to continue her career in pet care. That April, Sarah was thrilled to join the compassionate care team here at Fullwood Animal Hospital—she’s been caring for the area’s pets ever since!

When she isn’t helping pets live happier, healthier lives here at the hospital, Sarah can be found painting and drawing, reading, or spending time with her own mischievous pet,


Registered Veterinary Technician/Lead Surgical Technician

Shannon is a Registered Veterinary Technician serving as the Lead Surgical Technician in her current position. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, she pursued her education at Morehead State University, where she obtained a degree in veterinary technology. Shannon’s career has taken her on a journey from zoo medicine in Florida to working with marine mammals in coastal Georgia. In September 2021, she relocated to the Charlotte area to focus on anesthesia, transitioning from her previous work with zoo and marine animals.

Shannon’s love for animals began at a young age, leading her to aspire to become a veterinarian. However, after working at her first veterinary practice, she discovered her true calling as a veterinary technician. She is deeply passionate about wildlife conservation and providing exceptional patient care. Shannon finds fulfillment in comforting and caring for animals in the hospital environment.

From the outset of her career, Shannon knew she was in the right profession, never wavering in her dedication to animal care. Outside of work, Shannon is a busy parent to two children and cares for numerous pets. She enjoys outdoor activities such as backpacking and hiking, embracing nature whenever possible.


Registered Veterinary Technician

Joy decided to become a veterinary professional for one simple reason: because the field allows her to combine her passion for helping other people and her commitment to bettering the lives of pets. She gets to do just that on a daily basis! Joy is a proud member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital Veterinary Technician team.

Joy is a native of Raleigh and attended Veterinary Technician school to receive her licensure. She first joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in 2017 on a part-time basis, and was happy to accept a full-time role in 2020. Around the clinic, she enjoys challenging medical cases and also likes to learn something new almost every day—Joy finds that her career constantly keeps her on her toes!

Joy’s interests away from work include reading, horseback riding, watching documentaries, and doting on her own menagerie of pets at home. She lives with three dogs—Happy, who is more like a human; Elle, the world’s best ball-chaser; and sleep-loving Gus—as well as four cats who go by Tibby, Badger, Tick, and Colby. Joy also owns three lizards, a hedgehog, and a horse.


Veterinary Assistant

When Hannah was a child, her uncle gifted her 15 baby chicks to raise. The experience of caring for these helpless creatures and helping them grow into healthy adult chickens sparked a deep desire to learn more about animals. Over the years, this desire only grew, eventually leading Hannah to a career in the veterinary industry. Today, she is honored to play a role in helping our patients live their best lives!

Hannah attended the veterinary assistant program during her junior year of high school after taking multiple animal science classes. She then got an internship at a nearby clinic where she ultimately received her certification before joining the Fullwood Animal Hospital team. Professionally, Hannah enjoys building and strengthening relationships with people and their animal companions.

At home, Hannah has a small zoo of her own. Cat is a master groomer, Walter loves to cuddle but hates to be held, Myrtle loves to explore the outdoors, and Polly is a bundle of energy. Sadie, a blue heeler, is so smart she knows how to whisper, and Buttons, a cockatiel, loves to sing the Andy Griffith theme song. The crew is made complete with two hermit crabs who enjoy cuddling with each other.

In her spare time, Hannah likes to crochet, paint, spend time with her animals, and be outdoors.


Veterinary Assistant

Christopher lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 14 years and moved to NC with his mom in 2016. He began working in the veterinary field because he’s always had a love and interest in animals since a very young age.  Christopher’s  interests have never changed so he wanted to be able to work with animals in any way he could. His favorite thing about working with animals is being able to interact with all the patients and build life long connections.

Christopher knew he was in the right profession when he clicked very well with the environment and people working alongside him and really enjoys the work he’s doing.

Outside of work Christopher lives with his mom, 3 siblings and 4 cats. He is very much interested in Norse Mythology and art and hopes to one day be able to visit either Norway or Iceland!


Veterinary Assistant

Molly’s passion for animals and her commitment to their well-being have driven her career in the veterinary industry. Her journey in the field began as an intern at Fullwood, and her determination to expand her veterinary knowledge led her to her current role.

Molly’s educational pursuits align with her professional aspirations. Currently enrolled at Central Piedmont Community College, she is pursuing an Associates in Biological Science, a testament to her dedication to learning and growth. A lifelong resident of Indian Trail, Molly’s connection to the community is deeply rooted, and she aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of both animals and their families.

From a young age, Molly knew that the veterinary field was her calling. Her innate compassion for animals and her desire to care for those in need were clear indicators that she was on the right path. What she values most about her work is the ability to make a difference in the lives of animals who cannot advocate for themselves. This sense of purpose fuels her commitment to providing the best care possible.

Outside of her role at the animal hospital, Molly’s life is equally vibrant and dynamic. She shares her home with her parents, two brothers, and her beloved dogs, Cersei and Lily. Alongside her dedication to animals, she is also a martial arts enthusiast, holding a 2nd-degree black belt under the Joe Lewis Fighting System. Her diverse interests extend to music, where she enjoys singing and appreciating various genres. Nature walks with friends and family are a cherished pastime that allows her to unwind and connect with her surroundings. She also currently volunteers at Carolina Waterfowl.

Molly’s journey in the veterinary field exemplifies her unwavering commitment, compassion, and desire to contribute positively to both the animal kingdom and her local community. With her sights set on a future career as a veterinarian, Molly continues to grow and thrive within the realm of animal care.


Veterinary Assistant 

Taylor graduated from Porter Ridge Highschool in the summer of 2020 and lives with her parents and younger sister in her childhood home. This is Taylors first job in the actual vet industry, but she previously worked as a pet sitter and a day care boarding attendant.

Her favorite thing about working with animals is taking care of them and making sure to meet all their needs. Taylor knew she was in the right profession when she worked at a doggy daycare and fell in love with caring for animals! She enjoyed working with them so much it didn’t even feel like work!

Her personal interests include, listening to music of all kinds & spending time with rescue animals. She is very passionate about working with animals and is also interested in the rescue side of the job!


Veterinary Assistant 

Tiffany, a dedicated Veterinary Assistant at Fullwood Animal Hospital, brings a wealth of experience and passion to her role. Originally hailing from Albemarle, NC, Tiffany’s journey into the veterinary field was a natural progression from her lifelong love for animals. After completing her education at NCSU and meeting her husband, she settled in Sanford, NC, where they welcomed their son Nathan. Eventually, the family relocated to Indian Trail in 2002.

Tiffany’s career in the pet industry spans decades, initially as a groomer for 18 years before venturing into entrepreneurship with her own grooming shop, which she successfully ran for a decade. However, her heart truly found its place in veterinary medicine, where she could directly impact the lives of animals and form lasting bonds with their owners.

What Tiffany treasures most about her work is the ability to enhance the quality of life for her furry patients while fostering connections with both pets and their human companions. Witnessing the joy and excitement that pets exhibit when they see her is a constant source of fulfillment.

For Tiffany, the realization that she was in the right profession struck when she recognized the endless opportunities for learning and growth within the field. Veterinary medicine is a dynamic and evolving realm, constantly presenting new challenges and advancements that allow Tiffany to expand her skills and knowledge base.

Outside of work, Tiffany’s world revolves around her family and her beloved menagerie of pets. With her husband Terry and son Nathan, who recently graduated from UNC Charlotte, by her side, Tiffany finds joy in caring for her two dogs, Teenie and Maverick, as well as her five cats: Sushi, Wasabi, Wicket, Chase, and Lilith. Additionally, she tends to a stray cat named Goose and shares her home with a crested gecko named Groot, a gargoyle gecko named Bacon, and a bearded dragon named Melman, who often lounges in the family’s living room.


Veterinary Assistant 

Andrea brings a deep-rooted passion for animal care to her role as a Veterinary Assistant at Fullwood Animal Hospital. Originally from Fort Mill, South Carolina, Andrea’s journey into the veterinary field began after graduating from Fort Mill High School in 2020. Eager to pursue her lifelong dream, she enrolled in the Penn Foster Veterinary Technician program in 2021 while gaining practical experience at a local general practice clinic. Seeking new experiences, Andrea made the decision to relocate to Matthews in 2023, drawn by the promise of a fresh start.

Driven by her lifelong love for animals, Andrea found her calling in the veterinary industry early on. Raised in a household that welcomed a diverse array of pets, from cats and dogs to bunnies and chickens, Andrea’s passion for animal welfare runs deep. Her favorite aspect of working with animals is the opportunity to forge meaningful connections with each patient, earning their trust and helping them feel at ease during their visits. Andrea finds fulfillment in the constant learning and growth that comes with the dynamic nature of veterinary medicine.

For Andrea, the moment she knew she was in the right profession was marked by heartfelt gratitude from clients. Whether providing support during routine appointments or offering comfort during difficult farewells, Andrea’s unwavering dedication to her patients and their owners shines through. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys spending time with her partner and their four beloved cats in Matthews. An avid lover of art and makeup, she finds joy and creative fulfillment in these pursuits. With her genuine compassion and dedication to animal welfare, Andrea continues to make a positive impact at Fullwood Animal Hospital.


Animal Care Attendant

Jamison grew up with a love for pets that hasn’t quit to this day. She’s always treated the earth’s creatures with the same love and respect that she has for her own friends and family. For Jamison, putting that passion to good use by working in the veterinary field simply made sense! She’s a member of the Fullwood Animal Hospital kennel team, and couldn’t be happier to help the pets and animal parents of this area on a daily basis.

Jamison is a Mint Hill native and joined the Fullwood Animal Hospital family in the summer of 2020 after hearing about an opening from the Practice Manager, Jamie. It wasn’t long before she had signed on as an official member of the team! As an Animal Care Attendant, Jamison particularly likes spending time with the clinic’s boarding dogs, and she loves to bathe them and take them on walks outside. She also enjoys cleaning the kennel area to keep it spotless for the clinic’s furry visitors.

Away from the hospital, Jamison enjoys spending time with her family’s pets at home. She has a bird and three dogs: Samson, a loving and loyal German Shepherd; Jake the Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix who licks Jamison’s face every morning to wake her up; and a Chihuahua named Krull who is obsessed with food.


Veterinary Assistant

With a diverse background spanning medical assistance, paralegal studies, and radiology, Susan’s journey into veterinary care is driven by a lifelong love for animals.

She is a graduate of Marshall University and she attended Radiologic Technology Program at St Mary’s Hospital. Relocating from Colorado to be near family, Susan transitioned from roles in healthcare and law to follow her passion for animal welfare. Her heart has always been with pets, having cared for various animals throughout her life, particularly Greyhounds adopted since 2005.

Her defining moments in this profession include saving a critically ill puppy and providing crucial support to a client and their ailing Great Pyrenees, solidifying her commitment to compassionate care.

Outside work, Susan embraces historical reenactment at Renaissance Festivals, embodying royalty and enjoying court dancing. Her Greyhounds join her, relishing the attention. She also delves into bluegrass music and is learning the banjo.


Client Care Coordinator

Amber grew up surrounded by animals and there has never been a time without some sort of pet in her life. She has a passion for learning all that she can about all different types of animals whether it be a dog, cat, bunny, or reptile etc. She loves that each animal has their own funny or sassy personality!

Amber has always known she would eventually work with animals as it has always been a dream of hers since she was a little girl. She is a mother to three handsome boys who keep her very busy and a fur mom to a boxer (Roxy) and a quaker parrot (Minnie).


Client Care Coordinator

Originally from Shelby, NC, Emily’s passion for animals ignited in the rural landscapes of her hometown, fostering a love for wildlife and livestock. With an educational background in childcare development, Emily transitioned from teaching toddlers and pre-K children to discovering her affinity for environmental science at Camp Thunderbird in Lake Wylie, SC. In the veterinary field, Emily found her calling in educating pet owners about their furry family members, viewing pets as cherished companions and understanding the importance of comprehensive care. Her joy in working with animals stems from appreciating their unique personalities and witnessing their thriving environments. Emily’s unwavering enthusiasm, combined with her genuine care, makes her an invaluable asset to the Fullwood Animal Hospital team. Emily enjoys quality time with loved ones, crafting charcuterie boards, cooking, baking, and exploring the outdoors with her dog at the local nature center. Accomplishing homeownership at the age of 19 and boasting a diverse professional background, Emily brings versatility and empathy to her role.


Client Care Coordinator

Nabil Elhajjaji, a dedicated Client Care Coordinator at Fullwood Animal Hospital, hails from Monroe, North Carolina. Graduating with an Associate in Arts from Central Piedmont Community College, with a focus on Business, he brings a blend of academic rigor and practical skills to his role.

His journey into the veterinary industry was sparked by a lifelong love for animals, cultivated through high school Animal Sciences classes and attendance at a Veterinary Assisting Academy. Four years spent intimately working with dogs deepened his understanding of their behaviors and solidified his passion for animal care.

For Nabil, the veterinary profession isn’t just a job; it’s a calling. He realized he was in the right profession when his work ceased feeling like a chore and transformed into something he genuinely enjoyed.

Outside of work, Nabil cherishes time with his family of four, where he holds the role of the oldest sibling. Continuing his education to earn his Bachelor’s degree, he remains dedicated to personal and professional growth.


Client Greeter/Employee Therapist

It’s important that pet owners and their pets feel welcomed and comfortable the very moment they enter Fullwood Animal Hospital. As the hospital’s resident client greeter and employee therapist, Oliver the cat ensures that every person and animal that walks into the clinic is acknowledged. People can’t help but to pet adorable Oliver on the head as they walk by, and who can blame them?

Oliver initially arrived at Fullwood Animal Hospital as a stray kitten with head trauma that was fighting for his life. Dr. Medrano took him home, allowed him to heal, rest and recover and before you knew it, he was fully healed and ready to join the hospital staff as an official member!

From laying on keyboards, to causing chaos on work computers, to stealing chairs, Oliver keeps everyone on their toes with his mischievous antics. When he’s feeling neglected, he will demand that someone pick him up and give him a head rub, which causes him to drool uncontrollably. He also has a pretty big appetite; he’s particularly fond of snacks!