Pet Dentistry Services in Matthews, NC

Dental care is an essential component of your pet’s health. If something goes wrong, it could lead to an infection that causes other health problems. For that reason, you should have your pet’s teeth and gums checked at least once per year by a veterinarian. Fullwood Animal Hospital offers quality pet dental services to keep your dog or cat’s mouth in the best shape possible.

Why Pet Dentistry is Important

The last thing pet parents want is to see their dog or cat dealing with dental disease. The best way to help your pet keep their teeth and gums healthy is by bringing them to a veterinarian in Matthews for a complete dental checkup.

You can access the following pet dentistry services when you get your dog or cat to Fullwood Animal Hospital:

  • Dental Exams
  • Dental Cleanings
  • Tooth Repair
  • Extractions
  • Bonding
  • Polishing
  • Radiology

As a responsible pet owner, keep an eye out for signs that your dog or cat may have problems in their mouth. Examples include issues chewing or constant pawing at their jaw. The last thing you want is to have your pet’s dental problems put their health at risk.

Importance of Pet Teeth Cleaning

If you don’t clean your pet’s teeth regularly, they will end up covered in plaque that eventually hardens into tartar. If it’s not removed, that tartar will build up beneath your dog or cat’s gums, eventually causing an infection in the connective tissues. That leads to periodontal disease, which can cause your pet to lose its teeth.

You can keep tartar and plaque build-up under control with regular pet dental cleanings. When you bring your dog or cat in for a teeth cleaning, we provide anesthesia to keep them calm. After cleaning your pet’s teeth, we also polish them, apply a fluoride treatment, then a sealant for protection.

If your veterinarian notices other potential issues, they may order additional x-rays to see what’s happening with the tooth structures. While cavities aren’t common in dogs or cats, we can provide a filling to preserve their teeth.

Home Pet Dentistry

While we don’t expect you to use the same tools as a dentist, there are things you can do to maintain your pet’s dental health between visits. Dental care should become essential to your pet’s grooming routine. Feel free to consult Fullwood Animal Hospital if you’re unsure about brushing your dog or cat’s teeth. We can recommend products to use and how to use proper brushing techniques.

Cleaning your pet’s teeth offers you a chance to get a look inside their mouth and spot issues you might want to bring to the attention of a veterinarian, including the following:

  • Pain when you brush your pet’s teeth
  • Swollen or bloody gums
  • Problems chewing
  • Extra teeth in your dog or cat’s mouth

The earlier you get a jump on potential dental issues, the more likely you are to prevent a more serious condition.

Take Care of Your Pet’s Oral Health

Good pet dental care doesn’t happen by chance. Contact Fullwood Animal Hospital at (704) 545-2235 to schedule a dental appointment for your dog or cat.