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    Call you when examination is complete for a treatment estimate -OR-Treat as necessary up to $

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    Please note, we will strive to keep charges in line with any treatment plan given, however, unforeseen situations may arise at which time we will inform you of additional costs. If we cannot reach you, and aprocedure needs to be performed, it will be done and charges will appear on your bill.

    All pets admitted to the hospital are required to be current on all vaccinations, physical exams and free of internal and external parasites. Animals with fleas or ticks present will be administered a preventative at the owner’s expense.

    Pets that are hospitalized on an emergency basis will require a deposit for treatments based on an initial assessment. Extensive hospitalized stays may require keeping charges current prior to expected discharge.

    All pets must be discharged by 5:00pm (11:00am on Saturday) to avoid a late discharge fee.

    Emergency Services

    Please choose ONE of the following options:

    In the event that my pet undergoes cardiac or respiratory arrest while boarding at Fullwood Animal Hospital, I authorize the following CPR code:

    CPR: involving intubation, IV catheter placement, chest compressions, oxygen therapy and medications such as epinephrine, atropine, etc

    DNR: No resuscitation

    Social Media Release (optional):

    I agree to allow Fullwood Animal Hospital to use my pet’s name and photographs of my pet and/or myself for any lawful purpose, illustration, advertising, website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or other media outlet.

    Charges for all services must be paid in full at the time of discharge.