Feline Boarding Agreement

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    Personal Information:

    Owner’s Name :
    Email (required):
    Home Phone:
    Cell Phone:
    Emergency Contact Name:
    Emergency Contact #:
    Pick-up Person, if different from owner:


    Pet Information:

    Pet’s Name 1:
    Food: OwnHospital Diet
    Type: DryCan
    Feedings per day:

    **Fullwood Animal Hospital feeds Fancy Feast canned food and a variety of dry foods to our feline boarders.


    Medications and Supplements

    Administration of up to 3 medications is included in the cost of overnight care Additional medications will be charged at $2 per day. Insulin administration is $2 per day.


    Medication/Supplement 1:

    Instructions Medication 1:


    Medication/Supplement 2:

    Instructions Medication 2:


    Medication/Supplement 3:

    Instructions Medication 3:


    Please list all personal belonging left at Fullwood Animal Hospital during your pet’s stay:

    **Fullwood Animal Hospital is not responsible for any items that may be lost, chewed or damaged during your pet’s stay.


    Medical Services

    (please choose ONE)

    Our feline patients must be current on their physical exam, DHPP, Rabies, Bordetella, Intestinal Parasite exam and free of fleas and ticks to stay in our hospital.

    My pet is up to date on their physical exam at Fullwood Animal Hospital, vaccinations and intestinal parasite exam.My pet is due for services and I authorize Fullwood Animal Hospital to perform these services during my pet’s stay.

    Services to be performed during my pet’s stay:


    Additional Services

    Pet n’ Purr - $7/day. 30 minutes of individual play time with one of our trained staff members.
    Please list how many days you would like this service performed:
    Feline Comfort Kit. If my pet seems to be fearful, anxious or stressed, I authorize Fullwood Animal Hospital to administer medications to help reduce these stresses (at my expense).
    Additional services – Baths / Grooming / NT or
    Social Media Release (optional) – I give Fullwood Animal Hospital permission to take photographs and videos of my pet for the purpose of posting on the companies Facebook and Instagram account. We will not use any last names in the posts.


    Consent for Medical Services

    One of the advantages of boarding your pet at Fullwood Animal Hospital is that veterinary attention is readily available should the need arise. In the event that a medical evaluation is necessary during boarding, Fullwood Animal Hospital will make every effort to contact you or your designated emergency contact. In the event that you or your emergency contact cannot be reached, it would be helpful to know how you would like us to proceed in caring for your pet. Please indicate your wishes below should your pet require treatment or diagnostics for a medical condition.

    Please choose ONE of the following options:

    It is NOT necessary to contact me first, please have my pet examined by one of the veterinarians and proceed with all recommended medical care up to $

    Please contact me and/or my emergency contact. In the event that neither of us is reachable, do whatever treatment is reasonable to keep my pet stable until you are able to reach me or my emergency contact up to $


    Emergency Services

    Please choose ONE of the following options:

    In the event that my pet undergoes cardiac (heart stops beating) or respiratory arrest (stops breathing) while here at Fullwood Animal Hospital, I authorize the following CPR code:

    CPR: medical intervention involving intubation, IV catheter placement, chest compressions, oxygen therapy and medications such as epinephrine, atropine, etc.DNR: No resuscitation – heroic efforts will not be used to save my pet.


    Boarding Policy

    Please read and check EACH option below (mandatory):

    By checking below, I acknowledge that my pet has not bitten anyone within the last 10 days. I also acknowledge
    that I have read and understand the boarding requirements and Fullwood Animal Hospital’s policies listed above.