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If presenting for surgery or a dental, was your pet fasted overnight and this morning?


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Call you when examination is complete for a treatment estimate -OR-Treat as necessary (for dentals, this may include radiographs, extractions, antibiotics, etc.)


Please note, we will strive to keep charges in line with any estimate given, however, unforeseen situations may arise at which time we will inform you of additional charges. If we cannot reach you, and a procedure needs to be performed, it will be done and charges will appear on your bill.

All pets admitted to the hospital are required to be current on all vaccinations, parasite checks and physical exams. All admitted pets must be free of external parasites. Animals with fleas or ticks present will be administered a preventative at the owner’s expense.

Pets that are hospitalized on an emergency basis will require a deposit for treatments based on an initial assessment. Extensive hospitalized stays may require keeping charges current prior to expected discharge.

All pets must be discharged by 5:15pm (11am on Saturday) to avoid a late discharge fee.

Procedure(s) to be performed:


Medical treatments, including anesthesia, are not without risks. We do all we can to ensure your pet
receives the safest and most up-to-date medical care. However, unforeseen complications do
occasionally arise during or after a procedure. In the event of a complication, the veterinarian will
proceed with treatments deemed necessary in their professional judgment until you can be reached.
Any costs associated with emergency treatments are incurred at the owner’s expense. Your signature
below authorizes the veterinarian to perform the procedures listed above and any emergency
treatments that may become necessary. It also releases Fullwood Animal Hospital of any liability
associated with the treatment of your pet.

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Charges for all services must be paid in full at the time of discharge.

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