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Lisa NeeleyLisa Neeley

My fur daughter had Parvo when I first got her at about 18 weeks old! She is now 15+ people years and 83 doggie years! She has lived for about 5 years after being diagnosed with Pancreatitis! The staff at Fullwood are not only knowledgeable, but caring and compassionate. They fall in love with our fur babies also! I will continue to go here with any current or new additions to the family!

Terry RobertsTerry Roberts

Dr. Montgerard and her staff are the best!

Kristi ButlerKristi Butler

Our hearts were broken when we had to put our precious Cocoa down on Friday. The staff at Fullwood were so incredibly loving and kind to us. We are so appreciative of their compassion and care.

Michael MosherMichael Mosher

Nice place, understanding staff, not in a big hurry. Treat you and your furry friend great respect. So happy to have left the other place.

Patience P.Patience P.

Absolutely wonderful people here. Dr. Montgerard is awesome! She took her time and was very thorough. I think she's wonderful and so does Cousteau. It was...

Brien LoomisBrien Loomis

Today I had to take my guinea pig for an emergency visit. He was, unfortunately, VERY sick and passed away in the waiting room. The doctor attempted CPR and checked him out to see what may have caused his death. The staff here was so friendly and so kind and understanding, and they seemed genuinely sorry for my loss. Afterwards, they didn’t even charge me since he had passed before his visit. As far as losing a pet goes, Fullwood Animal Hospital and their staff did make all the difference to me.

Tawnya RichardsonTawnya Richardson

The staff is always helpful and welcoming. They treat your family (pet) like their own!

Xena SawyerXena Sawyer

They are pawmazing! i mean besides their owners, whos a pup to trust?! sure the shots hurt but we get treats during and after. mom and dad cant say a thing because they know it hurts. they see me and my fur-brother spike. he gets the super itches and they fix him right up. nothing worse in the world than your fur brother scratching like a mad dog when you're trying to sleep. in case you hadn't figured out who this is, this is xena warrior puppy. i give them 4-paws up!

Bianca Covington LilesBianca Covington Liles

Im a new Furbaby owner and my baby had his first visit yesterday I dont know much about a puppy but thr Staff broke down everything I needed to know great experience

Ginny CoffeyGinny Coffey

Dr Stephanie Everidge was wonderful this morning with our 14 yr old Cocker Spaniel “Caribou”. We were very concerned about our guy - she was awesome in her knowledge of older dogs and they took us LAST MINUTE - diagnosed him quickly and expertly
All the vets and staff there are great - helped us through quite a scare
They were immediately there for us �

Hannah RimmerHannah Rimmer

This was our first time at Fullwood and they exceeded our expectations! I brought in my two cats who were freaking out. We were given soothing blankets to wrap each of them in and then immediately offered a room so we did not have to wait in the lobby with all the other dogs. My cats where given a calming herb and immediately chilled out. This was the first time my cat cookie had ever been to the vet and not thrown up from fear in her entire 13 years of life! Dr.Sanders was wonderful! Super informative, as she explained everything in detail and offered great solutions for the issues my cats were having. Dr.Sanders worked with my budget and was very understanding about what was affordable and necessary for my cats. This was by far the best vet experience my two cats have ever had! If you have cats that are incredibly difficult to get to the vet take them to Fullwood!!

Judy CraneJudy Crane

Very caring and compassionate staff❤️ rescued a kitten with a serious eye injury today and out of every phone call I made they were willing to help.. I had to surrender the little guy and it absolutely broke my heart but I cannot afford the eye surgery he needs.. they will find him a new furever home after he heals up! Thank you all for all that you do for animals! I got in my car and had a good cry but I told the little kitty to be brave.. I definitely recommend this clinic !

Chad S.Chad S.

I'm writing this review while still sitting in their parking lot because I feel they deserve the most accurate review possible. Assessment= Amazing!

Me and...

Nikia HodgdonNikia Hodgdon

I brought my new Bernese mountain puppy for his first visit and had a great experience! The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable and gave my Jack so much attention. Would definitely recommend!

Tony TurnerTony Turner

We offer our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Hawthorne and the amazing staff at Fullwood Animal Hospital for the 14 plus years of devoted care of our beloved Boo Boo who turned 20 this month. Yesterday was a very painful day of letting her go but she was ready for her next journey.

Dr. Hawthorne, Mary, Sandy, Christian and the rest of the staff treated our baby girl like one of their own for so many years. Tony and I will never forget the amazing support you offered us through the years and especially these past few months.

Thank you again for everything
Chuck and Tony

Mike LefkoMike Lefko

Fullwood Animal Hospital takes very good care of you. The one concern I have is we were charged for several visits for the " same" issue. Granted we got a discount on some of he follow up visits. I know they charge us because they can. I was a little dismayed after several visits to address the same issue they discovered they had mis- diagnosed the issue and that it was a much more serious issue not anything having to do with the original diagnosis. They were kind, caring and understanding which is why I give them credit. Almost two doggie specialists later and several hundred dollars later I am not happy we had to pay several hundred dollars over multiple visits only to find out it was a mis- diagnosis and required not one, but two more specialists. How about a coupon for a couple free visits... but I imagine veterinarians don't do that. A little disappointed.

Scarlett BrownScarlett Brown

I have been coming to Fullwood all my life and I love these people! I am 10 now and they help keep me very healthy. (They ate also generous with the cookies)

Adam TaylorAdam Taylor

The love, patience, and understanding you all showed today while helping us lay our furbaby Roxy to rest was incredible. From the two different ladies on the phone who had such concern and sincerity in their voices, to the welcoming at the front desk, to the gentle assurance of the doctor... I am amazed and so grateful for you all. Today was hard. We’ve had her for 13 years and it’s the first time my wife has had to have an animal put down and she felt so much warmth and love. To be an extremely sad situation, we couldn’t have asked for a better place to take her. They took us in same day which was awesome to keep our girl from suffering anymore. They will be our vet from now on for any future pets we have!
Thank you all so much and many blessings over your practice! 🙏🏻🙌🏻🥰

Michael KieonMichael Kieon

compassionate and knowledgeable with accommodating hours , Thank you.

Paul TrogdonPaul Trogdon

Great people that work at Fullwood A H

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