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Jo Ann Jolly SizerJo Ann Jolly Sizer

Loving, caring vets and staff. I would not trust anyone else with my beautiful cats and dogs. So happy to have been with this wonderful group for almost 20 years.

Susana MbarrantesSusana Mbarrantes

Great place!! Tyson and Zeus receive great care.�

Scarlett BrownScarlett Brown

I have been coming to Fullwood all my life and I love these people! I am 10 now and they help keep me very healthy. (They ate also generous with the cookies)

Cat Verdun MarxCat Verdun Marx

Fullwood Hospital and staff are wonderful and very helpful. They treat your pet like family

Paul ErvinPaul Ervin

We had a really nice visit at Fullwood Animal Hospital. I even met some new furry friends in the waiting area. Everybody was kind, patient and they said I looked much younger than 14 years old!


Lannon St. George (aka "Lannie) Welsh Corgi

Michael KieonMichael Kieon

compassionate and knowledgeable with accommodating hours , Thank you.

Mike LefkoMike Lefko

Fullwood Animal Hospital takes very good care of you. The one concern I have is we were charged for several visits for the " same" issue. Granted we got a discount on some of he follow up visits. I know they charge us because they can. I was a little dismayed after several visits to address the same issue they discovered they had mis- diagnosed the issue and that it was a much more serious issue not anything having to do with the original diagnosis. They were kind, caring and understanding which is why I give them credit. Almost two doggie specialists later and several hundred dollars later I am not happy we had to pay several hundred dollars over multiple visits only to find out it was a mis- diagnosis and required not one, but two more specialists. How about a coupon for a couple free visits... but I imagine veterinarians don't do that. A little disappointed.

Katie RaeKatie Rae

Staff is amazing!!! We just moved here and had an issue with our little girl's incision from recently being fixed. Staff found a way to work us in on the drop of a dime on a Friday and get our little girl feeling better. Then they sent a postcard to us in the mail checking on our puppy and wishing us luck in the new city. Literally will not go anywhere else as long as we are here. 10/5 rating

Rebecca Stokes LathamRebecca Stokes Latham

The staff and doctors at Fullwood lovingly cared for my dog until he had to be out to sleep. They were very understanding about budget restrictions and helped us pursue the best care for our dog for a reasonable price. And when it came time to say good bye to our dog, Dr. Montgerard cried with us, was very compassionate and understanding, and was supportive of us. I cannot say enough good things about our interactions with all the staff and with the care our dog received.

Michael MosherMichael Mosher

Nice place, understanding staff, not in a big hurry. Treat you and your furry friend great respect. So happy to have left the other place.

Angie DavisAngie Davis

Everyone is so friendly and wonderful with my fur baby.

Cindy Cowick WindhamCindy Cowick Windham

They took really good care of my dog after emergency surgery!

Xena SawyerXena Sawyer

They are pawmazing! i mean besides their owners, whos a pup to trust?! sure the shots hurt but we get treats during and after. mom and dad cant say a thing because they know it hurts. they see me and my fur-brother spike. he gets the super itches and they fix him right up. nothing worse in the world than your fur brother scratching like a mad dog when you're trying to sleep. in case you hadn't figured out who this is, this is xena warrior puppy. i give them 4-paws up!

Paul TrogdonPaul Trogdon

Great people that work at Fullwood A H

Belinda DavisBelinda Davis

Our first visit was good. Felt like I had known the staff forever. Very nice and friendly. I absolutely loved that they did all his shots and blood test in the room with me. I hate sitting in an exam room while the other vets take your pet into a different place to do testing. Hoping to have a long lasting relationship with Fullwood Animal Hospital.

Terry RobertsTerry Roberts

Dr. Montgerard and her staff are the best!

Lisa NeeleyLisa Neeley

My fur daughter had Parvo when I first got her at about 18 weeks old! She is now 15+ people years and 83 doggie years! She has lived for about 5 years after being diagnosed with Pancreatitis! The staff at Fullwood are not only knowledgeable, but caring and compassionate. They fall in love with our fur babies also! I will continue to go here with any current or new additions to the family!

Susan Diamond RaishartSusan Diamond Raishart

The team at Fullwood was so helpful and accommodating when my dog Johnny suddenly had back issues recently. So thankful for how much they care.

Samantha SmithSamantha Smith

Took our fur baby Constantine to Fullwood and we had a wonderful experience. First time she has been to the vet and they treated her with love and kindness!! Very affordable and a great paw point program for us to get points per visit! So glad that we found a wonderful vet to take care of or girl. Thank you so much for taking care of our pup Constantine!! ���

Lorin DeHart MeltonLorin DeHart Melton

My poodle just became a new patient here, we absolutely love the staff and the prices are way better than our old vet!

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